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Pennsylvania Nonfiction from 100s to 900s

Did you know Pennsylvania Day is on July 20th? We have Pennsylvania history, local history, and much more! To showcase a range of Pennsylvanian topics, we gathered a list of books from across the Dewey decimal call numbers, from the 100s to the 900s.

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The big book of Pennsylvania ghost stories
Mark Nesbitt, Patty A. Wilson.
Note: Visit the 100s section for books on psychology, philosophy, and more! You can books on paranormal phenomena in the 130s, including these ghost stories from all over Pennsylvania, from Valley Forge to Gettysburg.
Voices of the turtledoves
Jeff Bach.
Note: Visit the 200s to for books on religion. This book from our local history section in the 280s discusses the Ephrata Cloister, a religious community that reached its height in the 1760s.
Out in central Pennsylvania
William Burton with Barry Loveland.
Note: Visit the 300s for books on social sciences. This book, Out in Central Pennsylvania, details LGBTQ history in small cities and towns in central Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Dutch
Mark L. Louden.
Note: Visit the 400s for books about language. In our local history section, we have Pennsylvania Dutch dictionaries, as well as this book about "the story of an American language."
Pennsylvania's covered bridges
Fred J. Moll.
Note: Visit the 600s for applied science or technology, from medicine to cooking to building! This book is full of historical photographs and includes chapters on past covered bridges, present covered bridges, railroad covered bridges, and the restoration of covered bridges.
Keystone fly fishing
Mike Heck, Gary Kell, Len Lichvar, Jay Nichols, Henry Ramsay, Dave Rothrock, Brian Shumaker, Ben Turpin & Karl Weixlmann.
Note: The 700s include arts and recreation, from art history to music to sports. This Keystone Fly Fishing guide is organized by place, with a guide from each region describing the best water in the area.
August Wilson; foreword by Samuel G. Freedman.
Note: Visit the 800s for literature, including poetry, plays, and essay collections. Did you know playwright August Wilson was from Pittsburgh? He wrote a cycle of ten plays, mostly set in Pittsburgh, with one play for each decade of the 20th century. He won Pulitzer prizes for two of them, including this one, Fences. You can find Fences in our DVD collection as well, or check out any of the Century Cycle of plays in print.
Pennsylvania stories--well told
William Ecenbarger.
Note: The 900s cover history and geography, so there are a lot of Pennsylvania history books and travel guides to choose from in this section! This one compiles a dozen articles by journalist and author William Ecenbarger. On the cover flap, it says: "He provides a history of the pencil and considers why the first day of Pennsylvania's deer hunting season... is an unofficial state holiday... Ecenbarger also profiles George 'Boom Boom' Zambelli, the internationally renowned pyrotechnic king, and goes driving with Pennsylvania native John Updike in rural Berks County, Pennsylvania. Other captivating tales ... range from the inspiring account of Governor Bob Casey's double organ transplant, to darker essays on the electric chair and a former Ku Klux Klansman, to a mile-by-mile appreciation of the Pennsylvania turnpike. These are weird and wonderful stories..."

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